How to Clean the Felt Products?
How to Clean the Felt Products?
Are you looking for an easy way to keep your felt products clean and fresh? Here is tips and tricks for cleaning felt products. Don't miss out on the secrets to maintaining your favourite felt items.
Fair Trade
Fair Trade
Success is ultimately a result of employee rights, secure working conditions, and equitable remuneration.
Organic Felt – What Is It and How Is It Made
Organic Felt – What Is It and How Is It Made
If you own any felt products, you must wonder how they are made.
Needle Felting vs. Water Felting: Understanding the Differences and Similarities

Felting is an ancient craft that involves matting, condensing, and pressing wool together to create a textile material called felt. There are two main felting techniques: Needle Felting and Wet Felting. In this article, we will explore the differences and similarities between these two techniques as well as the materials needed, techniques used, pros and cons,...

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