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Hobby & Craft Products

Hobby and craft products refer to a diverse range of materials, tools, and supplies that individuals use for leisure activities and creative pursuits. These products cater to various hobbies and crafts such as painting, knitting, scrapbooking, model building, and more. Common items include paints, brushes, yarn, fabric, beads, paper, and adhesives. Hobby and craft products are designed to inspire creativity and self-expression, allowing individuals to engage in artistic and hands-on activities for relaxation, personal enjoyment, or as a means of producing unique and handmade items. These products are often available in specialty stores, online platforms, and dedicated sections of larger retailers, providing enthusiasts with a wide array of options to fuel their artistic endeavors.

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Felt can be easily manipulated and crafted into various shapes and designs, providing endless possibilities for artistic expression.

🌱 Soft Texture and Premium Quality

⏳ Assorted Colors and Patterns

🌿 Fragrance-free and hypoallergenic

🌏 100% Natural Wool from New Zealand

🔨 100% Handmade in Nepal

Super Zoo 2023 Lost Horizon Handicraft

Our Approach

Sustainably source
Supporting local communities and minimizing environmental impact.
Timeless Quality
Built to last with the finest craftsmanship
Unique Stories
Weaving cultural heritage with individual artistry into every stitch and stroke
Empowering Artisans
Dedicated to providing fair wages, empowering artists and their families to thrive.

Let us join hand for a better good

All of our felt handicrafts are made under safe, quality conditions by well trained artisans.
Our felt products are fully tested in all aspects before delivering to our customers.
We deliver all of our shipments on time.

Receive Artwork & Specification

Make Sample & Approve Sample with Client

Develop a Time & Action Calendar After Receiving PI

Issue Sales Invoice

Source Best Quality Raw Material

Mass Production

Approve Production Sample

Packaging & Labeling


Dispatch on Strict Deadline

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The Process
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