5 Creative Things You Can Make From Felt Balls

February 19, 2023by losthorizon0

Felt balls are versatile and fun crafting materials that can be created into all sorts of different unique items. Felt balls items are vibrant and eye-catching with different color felt balls together. Felt balls come in different sizes and color with an affordable price range. For that reason, it is most suitable thing for DIY projects. 


You can make different craft items using felt balls. The possibilities are endless, from cozy rugs and colorful coasters to soft toys and festive decorations.  In this article, we’ll look at five creative things you can create with felt balls and provide helpful tips and tricks to get you started.


1. Bright Felt Ball Coasters

One of the most popular uses for felt balls is creating set of coasters. This is an easy DIY project that can be completed within few hours, making it the perfect way to add a pop of color to your home. To get started, you’ll need felt balls in the size and various color in your choice as well as need a piece of cork or foam board with needle and thread.  You can make own shape and size as round shape or square shape.


round shape felt ball coaster
round shape felt ball coaster

square shape felt coaster
square shape felt coaster



2. Cozy Felt Ball Rugs

One of the most popular uses for felt balls is creating a rug. These carpets are created by knotting little felt balls together to create a soft and fluffy feel. felt ball rugs can be made in various shapes or sizes you want with colors and designs to fit in your living space. To start with just thread the felt balls onto a needle and knot them to the canvas. continue this approach until required the rug size you need.

felt balls rugs
Felt balls rug

3. Adorable Felt Ball Toys

Felts balls are great for making toys for children and pet animals. You can make soft and cuddly felts balls to play with or also create creative felt toys for cats. You will need felt balls in the size and color that you need according to your choice. You can make a simple felt ball. Fill the felt ball with stuffing material and sew it shut. You can make a pattern for more complex toys but the process is still rather simple.

felt feather, ball cat toy with bell inside
felt ball cat toy with a bell inside

4. Festive Felt Ball Decorations

Felt balls are an ideal material for making decorations, especially for the holidays. You can make felt ball garlands, wreaths, and even tree ornaments. To make a garland, just tie felt balls to a rope and hang it wherever you like. You may glue felt balls to a foam wreath shape or tie them straight onto a wire wreath form to build a wreath. Glue felt balls on foam ornaments or tie them onto wire ornaments to make tree ornaments.

felt wreath
Felt ball wreath

5. Chic Felt Ball Jewelry & Hair Band

Last but not least, felt balls may be used to make felt jewelry and hair bands. Using felt balls, you can make necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and hair bands. Make a necklace by knotting felt balls onto a string and adding a clasp. To make a bracelet, tie felt balls onto a flexible chain or thread them onto memory wire. To make earrings, tie felt balls onto earring hooks or string them onto a wire. You may also make a beautiful hair band.

felt hair band
flower design felt hair band
Felt Ball Hair Band
Felt Ball Hair Band










With these five creative ideas, you’re sure to discover inspiration for your next felt ball creation. Happy crafting!

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