Success is ultimately a result of employee rights, secure working conditions, and equitable remuneration. Therefore, we follow Fairtrade guidelines here at Lost Horizon Handicraft.
Fairtrade is a certification system that aims to guarantee that a set of standards are met during the manufacture and supply of a product or ingredient. Our brand follows nine concrete principles in all our operations.

1. No child labor
We believe education should be the only priority for children. Our children are our future, and we recognize their right to gain an education that will prepare them for the practical world. Therefore, we condemn child labor and contribute our efforts to bettering educational institutes for children in the community.

2. No excessive working hours
Overworking does not equal higher productivity. On the contrary, it ultimately results in burnout and a greater risk of compromise in the quality of products. Our brand values sustainability; hence all employees have fixed and convenient working hours, enabling them to spend quality time at the end of the day.

3. Fair payment
The foundation of our brand was laid on the concept of sustaining societies economically. Employees are crucial members who help rejuvenate a brand, and their input is a continuous investment that can never go unnoticed. Therefore, we prioritize the financial well-being of our employees and ensure our workers enjoy a sustainable lifestyle.

4. Safe and hygienic working conditions
Messy and unhygienic environments always spell disaster. We follow an extremely systemic process, from production to shipment. Hence, to maintain an optimum workflow, we ensure the working conditions in all our workspaces are safe and hygienic, following all infection control protocols.

5. No discrimination
There is no reason why workspaces cannot be safe spaces for individuals to celebrate their differences. Our brand embraces a diversity of all kinds. All forms of discrimination in our workspaces are strictly condemned, and appropriate action is taken against any such action.

6. Employment is freely chosen
Our brand does not support or incorporate any concept of forced labor. It is an outdated and unjustifiable practice that does not encourage a positive work attitude and environment. At Lost Horizon Handicraft, all employees have the liberty to opt for employment in our company.

7. Capacity building
Any organization’s employees need to have their talents, inclinations, and abilities developed and strengthened urgently. For companies and communities to endure, adapt to, and flourish in a rapidly changing world, such procedures and resources are required. At Lost Horizon Handicraft, we prioritize improving our workforce’s capacity to adapt to such change.

8. Transparency and accountability
We believe in conducting our business in a way that makes it simple for everyone to see what is being done. Transparency ultimately encourages accountability, ensuring no compromises are made during any phase of our process. Everyone is responsible for their actions, and we uphold this concept across our organization.

9. Right to bargain collectively
Employees choose their organization as much as organizations choose them. Therefore, our employees have the right to negotiate the terms of their employment through unions. Employee well-being is critical to our Fair Trade policy, and we do not compromise.

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