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Upcoming Trade Shows & Exhibiton

Mark your calendars and join us for our upcoming trade show! Stay tuned for important dates and details on our next exhibition. Don’t miss out – be part of an exciting showcase of our latest products and innovations. Join us and experience the future of the Felt Handmade Products.

Ambiente 2024

Frankfurt, Germany
26-30 January 2024

Spring Fair 2024

Birmingham, United Kingdom
4-7 February 2024

Global Pet Expo 2024

Florida, USA
20-22 March 2024

Trade Show & Exhibiton Exhibited Before

Super Zoo 2023 Lost Horizon Handicraft
Super Zoo 2023

Las Vegas, USA
16-18 August 2023
Fair Trade

Messe frankfurt, Germany
3 feb to 7 feb 2023
Christmas World 2020
Fair Trade in Christmasworld

Frankfurt, Germany
Jan-Feb 2020

Fair Trade in Germany
trade fair

Messe Essen
1st November to 9th November 2003

Fair Trade in Germany
International Trade Fair
Fair Trade

Frankfurt, Germany
February 2019

Tokyo International Gift Show
trade fair

7th September 2020

Fair Trade in Japan
Fair Trade
trade fair

California, USA
Jan-Feb 2002

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