Handmade Colorful Laundry Dryer Ball


Size Color MOQ
7CM Any from color chart 1000
Fabric Usages Features
100% pure Wool For laundry and fabric softner Handmade & Customizable


Key Highlights
🕒 Lasts for 1000+ loads of laundry
⏳ Reduces drying time, wrinkles, lints, and static
🌿 Fragrance-free and hypoallergenic
🌏 100% Natural Wool from New Zealand
🔨 100% Handmade in Nepal
🌱 Natural Fabric Softener
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Felt dryer balls are often sold in sets of three or more, and come in a variety of bright and fun colors. Some may even be decorated with designs or patterns.

In addition to their functional benefits, felt dryer balls are also eco-friendly and reusable. They eliminate the need for disposable dryer sheets and can be used for many loads before needing to be replaced.

To use a felt colorful dryer ball, simply toss it into the dryer with your wet clothes and run the dryer cycle as usual. They are safe to use with all types of fabrics and can be used for many loads before needing to be replaced.


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