Needle Felting Easter Egg

Needle felting is a process of sculpting wool fibers into three-dimensional objects using a special barbed needle. A needle-felted Easter egg is a handmade decoration made by felting wool roving into the shape of an Easter egg.

To make a needle-felted Easter egg, the wool roving is first formed into a rough egg shape by hand. The barbed needle is then used to sculpt and shape the wool fibers, compressing them and tangling them together to create a solid, felted egg shape. Additional layers of wool can be added to build up the shape and create texture.


Needle felting allows for intricate designs and details to be added to the egg, such as patterns, flowers, or animals. Colored wool roving can also be used to create a vibrant and festive Easter egg.

Needle felted Easter eggs can be used as decorations for the Easter holiday, displayed in a basket or as part of a centerpiece. They can also be used as unique and personalized gifts for family and friends.

Overall, a needle felted Easter egg is a beautiful and eco-friendly decoration that adds a touch of handmade charm to any Easter celebration.



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