Multicolored Felt Ball Wreath

Size Color MOQ
35 CM Any from color chart 100
Fabric Usages Features
100% pure Wool Decoration Handmade & Customizable

A felt wreath is a type of decorative wreath made from felt material, which is a non-woven fabric made from wool or other fibers. Felt wreaths can be used as home decor, party decorations, or given as gifts for various occasions such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, or weddings.

Felt wreaths can come in various sizes, shapes, and colors. They can be designed in a traditional circular shape, or can be made into different shapes such as hearts, stars, or even animal shapes. The felt material can also be cut into various patterns or shapes, such as flowers, leaves, or geometric shapes.

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To add more visual interest to a felt wreath, additional embellishments such as ribbons, beads, or sequins can be added. Felt wreaths can also be customized to fit any color scheme or decor style, making them a versatile decoration option.

Overall, felt wreaths are a simple and stylish way to add a handmade touch to any space or occasion.


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