Handmade Felt Witch Hat

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58 CM Any from color chart 100
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100% pure Wool Felt Hat Handmade & Customizable

Felt Handicraft, Organic Felt, 100% Organic Handmade felt hats are prized for their durability, warmth, and unique style. They are often worn by people who work outdoors, such as farmers, ranchers, and hunters, as well as by people who appreciate the craftsmanship and tradition of handmade goods.

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A handmade felt hat is a type of hat that is created by shaping and molding wool or fur fibers into a sturdy, durable material.The process of making a handmade felt hat involves several steps, including selecting the right type of wool or fur fibers, washing and carding the fibers, felting the fibers into a sheet, and then shaping and molding the sheet into a hat.



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