Felt Puppets Bag


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Custom Any from color chart 100
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100% pure Wool For accessories Handmade & Customizable


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🌏 100% Natural Wool from New Zealand
🔨 100% Handmade in Nepal
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Felt Puppets Bag

A handmade felt puppet is a small, doll-like figure made entirely out of felt fabric. It is typically stuffed with filling material such as cotton or wool to give it shape and form. The puppet can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on the desired end use.

The felt fabric used to make the puppet can be of various colors, and can also be decorated with additional felt cutouts, embroidery, beads, or other embellishments to add personality and character to the poppet.

The design of the puppet can vary widely, from simple, minimalist shapes to complex, detailed designs with multiple layers of felt cutouts and decorations. The poppet can be created to resemble a human or animal figure, or it can be an abstract or imaginary shape.

Handmade felt puppets are often used for decoration, as toys or dolls for children, or as part of spiritual or magical practices. They can also be used as part of crafting or DIY projects, such as creating felt ornaments or keychains.


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