Felt baby mobile for nursery Crib decor Needle felted Hens

A felt baby mobile is a decorative item made from felt fabric that is hung above a baby’s crib to provide visual stimulation and entertainment. A needle felted hens mobile is a specific type of felt baby mobile that features hens made from needle felting technique.


To create a needle felted hens mobile, you will need to use the needle felting kit to create small hens out of wool roving. Once the hens are made, they can be attached to the felt pieces using embroidery floss. The felt pieces are then hung from the wooden hoop or metal ring using more embroidery floss, creating a mobile that can be hung above a baby’s crib.

Felt baby mobiles are popular for their soft and safe construction, and they can be customized to match the theme or color scheme of a nursery. They provide a visually stimulating and entertaining element for babies to gaze at while lying in their crib. Additionally, a needle felted hens mobile provides a unique and charming touch to the nursery decor.



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