Needle Felted Woolen Peach Needle Felted Fruit

A felt peach is a type of play food or decorative item made from felt material, designed to look like a realistic peach. Felt peaches can be used as a toy for children or as a decorative item for various occasions, such as summer or autumn decor.

Felt peaches are usually created by cutting out two round shapes of felt in the shape of the peach, and then stitching or gluing them together. The peach can then be filled with stuffing or batting to give it a 3-dimensional shape. The felt peach can be decorated with embroidery or felt pieces to add details such as a stem or leaves.

Felt peaches can be customized to fit specific color schemes or themes, and can be made in a variety of sizes. They can also be used in combination with other felt fruit items to create a fun and educational playset.


Felt peaches are a great addition to play kitchens or grocery stores, providing a unique and creative way to encourage imaginative play. They can also be used as a decoration in homes, events, or parties to add a touch of nature and warmth.


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