Felt Pineapple

A pineapple felt is a type of decorative item made from felt material, designed to look like a realistic pineapple. Felt pineapples can be used as a decor piece for various occasions such as tropical-themed parties, summer decor, or as a playful addition to a child’s room.

To create a felt pineapple, the first step is to cut the felt into the shape of a pineapple. A pineapple shape is usually made by cutting an oval shape for the body and then adding triangles on top for the leaves. The felt pineapple can then be decorated with embroidery or felt pieces to add details such as the texture of the pineapple’s skin or the shape of the leaves.

Felt pineapples can be customized to fit specific color schemes or themes, and can be made in a variety of sizes. They can be used as standalone pieces or in combination with other felt fruits to create a fun and educational playset.


Felt pineapples are a great way to add a touch of tropical flair to your decor. They can also be used as a teaching tool to help children learn about pineapples and their origin, as well as the benefits of eating them as part of a healthy diet.


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